All You Need to Know About Otter, Baby Otter, and Their Types

Baby Otters : Otters are one of the most loved mammals belonging to the Weasel family. They live both in water and on land. Mostly, they can be found in rivers and seas. Otters are adorable, clever, oddly romantic, and chatty creatures who teach us a lot about life. It was reported that in coastal areas male otters are larger than female otters. The adult male otter can be over 4 to 5 feet while the female otter will not be more than 55 inches. The weight of male otter can be up to 85 lbs. whereas, the weight of female otters is 72 lbs. However, on the coastline of California, you can find smaller otters. The otters can vary in size, the male otter can weigh about 64 lbs. and the female otter can weigh about 44 lbs.

The maturity age of the male otters is 5 to 6 years, on the other hand, in female otters the maturity age is 4 years. The implantation takes some time, so it is not possible to determine the gestation period. According to expert, the gestation time for otter babies is nearly 4 to 9 months. There can be delayed implantation as well, it can take up to 3 months.

Once the otter is born, the mother will stay with the baby for some time. This is because the otters are very social and family oriented. The mother otter will feed their baby for 6 to 8 months, after this period they are weaned. Mostly, the baby otter stays with their mother after weaning, the father otter can come and go. At times, the otter family stays together for a lifetime. In this article, we have highlighted everything you need to know about otters, baby otter, their lifestyle, and their types.

Read on to know more about otters.

Species of Otter

There are 13 classes of otter in the world. The total number of otters have fallen drastically over the years because of overhunting. Here are the some of the most common types of otters.

Eurasian Otter

In the UK, the most common type of otter is Eurasian Otter. This is also referred to as Lutra Lutra, they have unique features that make it easy to identify them. The otters are hunted for their pelts, this is why they are protected under the European and UK legislation. The coat of this otter is brown, underbelly and neck are white. They have a waterproof fur coat, making them perfect for aquatic life. Along with this, they have webbed feet, powerful core and tail. Eurasian Otters can be found near the coast, lakes, fresh water, streams, and estuaries. They can breed 3 cubs every year.

Sea Otter

Another most common type of otter is Sea Otter. They can easily be found along the coasts of Pacific Ocean. Sea Otter does everything in the water, from sleeping to eating and mating to giving birth. Otters have a dense fur that helps in keeping them warm, it can consist of million hair follicles. This means they have the densest coat in the mammal kingdom.

Moreover, sea otter can live on land but it is adapted to live in the water. Otters are known to reside in the areas that are close to water. This enables them to dive into the water to hunt for food. They consume a wide variety of animals like fish, sea urchins, and mollusks.

There are 3 main species of Sea Otters. They are:

  • Northern Sea Otter that lives in South of Oregon and Alaska.
  • Southern Sea Otter that can be found on the coast of Central California.
  • Asian otter that can be found in Western Pacific Ocean.

River Otter

One of the most playful species of otters is River Otter. They are perfect for swimming as they have streamlined body, webbed feet, and short legs. They have dense fur that will keep them warm under water. Furthermore, they have small ears, tapered tail, and nostrils that they can close underwater. The weight of River Otters is nearly 30.86 lbs. and they can grow more than 1 meter long.

They are relatives of weasels, badgers, wolverines, stoats, and mink. These animals are called Mustelids and they have scent glands that they use for marking their territory. They are easily found near lakes, rivers, coasts, waterways, and streams.

River Otters are carnivore that eats a wide range of animals. They can hold their breath for approximately 8 minutes under the water. It was reported that River Otters spend 2/3 of their lives on land. They have the ability to dive up to 60 feet deep into the water.

What Do Otters Eat?

Otters mainly consume fish, small sized animals, birds, and invertebrates. They can even eat a lizard, octopus, snakes, worms, and other animals. Otters have the great eating ability as they can eat up to 25% of their body weight.

Sea Otters

Sea otters diet consists of sea invertebrates like echinoderms, bivalves, crustaceans, gastropods, chitons, and cephalopods.

River Otters

River otters mainly consume fish, but they can eat anything that is easy to get. They can eat shellfish, frogs, insects, crustaceans, turtles, crabs, oysters, mollusks, birds, crayfish, rodents, and other aquatic invertebrates.

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Otter

Baby Otter is an adorable and cute mammal. As mentioned above, otters are family oriented, the mother and father otter takes care of the baby otter. When the baby is born, it cannot see anything as they are blind. After 40 days, the baby opens its eyes. The mother teaches the baby how to walk and swim. The baby otters stay close to their family during the first year.

Moreover, before the birth of the baby, the family gather food. This to make sure they don’t have to leave the nest looking for food after the birth of the baby. As they are mammals, the babies drink milk from the mother otter. Their mother is the only source of food for them during the first 40 days. Once they get their eyesight, they are able to eat fish and plants. There are some otters that will climb the trees and eat branches. Otters have 36 to 38 sharp teeth that enable them to chew their food better. This helps in digesting the food easily.

What is Baby Otter Called?

The baby animals have various names based on the species they belong to. Most people refer to baby otters as pups. Other names of baby otters include kits and kittens.

How does Baby River Otter learn to Swim?

When the River otter pups are born, they don’t know how to swim or walk. The mother otter teaches their kids how to swim. When the babies are learning to swim, they spend 5 to 6 hours in water. After resting for an hour, they again spend time in the water. In the beginning, the pups are scared of water, the mother otter usually has to drag them into the water. Once the babies learn how to swim, the mother otter finds it hard to get them out of the water. Some of the species of otters live near the coast, this makes it easier for the baby to adapt to both the environment. It increases the chances of their survival.

Furthermore, the babies of otters are lively and spirited. They enjoy playing with each other and they are very smart. There are some fishermen who have trained them to bring fishes to their nets.

Otters- Baby Seals, Are They Related?

Most of the people think that otters are related to baby seals. The seal is a universal name for all the pinnipeds. It contains a group of fin-footed marine mammals. They are divided into the Odobenidae family, walrus belongs to this family. The other family is Otariidae, it includes sea lions, eared seals, and fur seals. Moreover, another family is Phocidae, the earless seals are a part of this family. Seals are famous for their sleek body with flat flippers. They spend most of their life in water and come out only for sunbathing.

On the other hand, otters have a long and slim body with short limbs. Otters have sharp claws with webbed feet. They have fur that protects them in cold weather and underwater by keeping them warm. They can further be classified into 2 categories, sea otter, and river otter. Otters are considered to be smallest mammals in the sea. They belong to the Lutrinae subfamily that is a category of Mustelidae family. Other animals belonging to this family are badgers, wolverines, weasels, and many more. So, otters are related to these animals.

Hence, it is evident that seals are not related to otters in any way.

Where Can You Find Baby Sea Otter?

Baby Sea Otters can be found in coastal areas in Alaska and near the Northern coast of California. The otters vary in size and other factors including how far they can travel in the ocean and how much time they spend on land.

Can You Have a Baby Otter Pet?

People fantasize about owning exotic pets like dragons, panda, and baby penguins. Fortunately, there are few exotic pets that you can own. One of the most popular pet is the baby otter. Having an otter as a pet is illegal in many areas without the permit. The reason is that they are considered as a wildlife and have special requirements that are different from usual household pets. There is a broad range of regulations related to owning exotic animals as pets. Before getting an exotic pet, you must consult the Department of Agriculture/Fish.

Moreover, most of the states have banned ownership of native otters. The sea otters are protected under the Federal Marine Act of Mammal Protection. The only species that is legal in most of the states are Asian small-clawed otter.

Cute Baby Otter Pictures

Baby otters are cute and sweet little creatures that will melt your heart. Many people believe the pictures of baby otter can brighten up a place. They are a great way to bring aesthetics and appeal to a room. Whether you want to make your office or kid’s room beautiful, having the pictures of cute baby otters is the right way. The pictures of baby otter can complement any type of décor.

Baby Otter Video

Whether you had a crazy week or not, watching the little baby otters is the perfect way to take a load off. The adorable babies of otters will help you relax. The internet is full of various kinds of videos of otters. They get millions of views, comments, and likes from all over the world. Some of the top searches of otter videos include the following:

Baby Otters Holding Hands

The baby otters hold their hands when they are sleeping. This is to make sure they don’t drift apart. You can see the cuteness, bundling up and handholding of the baby otters on the internet.

Baby Otter Swimming

The video of baby otter swimming is a great way to forget about the worries of your life. Watching the baby otter learn swimming is hilarious and comforting.

Otter Baby Float

If you are tired and want to get rid of the stress, watch a video of otter baby floating. The acts of this cute creature will surely put a smile on your face and make you forget about all your tensions.

Baby Otters For Sale

One of the biggest problems with owning this aquatic pet is that they are hard to find. Since they are not easily available, you will have to hire an agent. They will find the breeder or will import one for you. You will have to make sure that it is legal to own the otter in your city. There are few sites that offer baby otters for sale. You will have to do extensive research for buying a baby otter.

There two ways through which you can acquire baby otters. You can either buy or adopt baby otter for having it as a pet.

Where to Buy A Baby Otter?

Are you wondering how you can get an otter? The answer is simple you can buy an otter from various places. There are online sites that are selling otters. Some of the breeders have placed ads on various sites that can help you get this exotic pet.

Adopt A Baby Otter- Factors to Consider

There are many organizations that are working to make the world a better place for otters. This is why they are focusing on providing an appropriate habitat for the otters to survive. You can contact these organizations for adopting a baby otter. If you are thinking of adopting a baby otter, there are many things you need to consider. We have listed few of the things that you should focus on.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is getting permission. It is illegal to have an otter as a pet without a permit. There are some species that you are not allowed to have a pet. So before adoption, you have to make sure the species you are getting is legal in your city. You must also get a permit before adopting the baby otter.

Requirements of Otters

Another thing that you need to focus on is the requirement of the otter. You must have comprehensive knowledge about what to feed them and how to take proper care of them. Otters are aquatic animals, so you have to make sure there is a water source where they can swim and play. In order to keep them healthy, you have to provide the proper food. Baby otters are very friendly and social, so you should keep them close to you, pet and play with them regularly to keep them happy.

Time To Spend With Them

When you are thinking of adopting a baby otter, you have to make sure you have plenty of time to spend with them. The baby otters stay close to their mother during the first year and eat with their mother. They don’t know how to walk or swim, this means that you have to teach them. So, you must have plenty of free time to spend it with the baby otter.

In the end, it is advised to get a pair of otters, since they are family oriented they love to spend time with their family. They even sleep while holding hands, so it is advised to adopt a pair of baby otters.

Otter and Baby Otter Facts

Otters are very intelligent and fun animals to watch. Unfortunately, many people don’t know much about them. Here are few interesting fun facts about otters and baby otters.

  • The first Sea Otter was revealed in 1751 by Georg Steller.
  • It was reported that the life expectancy of otters is 10 to 15 years. The oldest otter lived for 20 years, it is possible if they are raised under special care.
  • The male otter is called a boar while the female otter is known as a sow.
  • Otters can dive 330 feet deep into the water looking for food.
  • Otters are labeled as endangered species because of the over-hunting between 1741 and 1911.
  • Sea Otters can have babies any time of the year. On the other hand, Northern Sea Otter found in Alaska have babies in the spring season.
  • The baby otter can start serving themselves early, it might take 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The only places where otters are not found are Australia and Antarctica.
  • It is possible for the otters to nurse and feed baby otter inside the water.
  • The otters give birth during the spring season and the baby otter can weigh up to 5 lbs.
  • According to experts, otters have been around for over 5 million years.
  • The den of an otter is known as couch or holt.
  • Otters don’t have an insulating blubber like other mammals. Instead, the air is trapped in their fur.
  • The Otters are great hunters that can spend hours chasing their prey.
  • The Giant Otters are known to feed on Piranha and they can even feed on alligators.
  • It was reported by experts that river otters might mate for life, this makes them monogamous.
  • One of the most hunted species of otter is North American River Otter because of its fur.
  • Otters are extremely playful animals that enjoy doing some activities just for fun like sliding down into the water.
  • Male otters do terrible things to baby seals and female otters.
  • Cat poop is dangerous for otters that have caused the death of many sea otters.
  • The otters sleep and rest by floating on their backs. The fur of the otters helps them stay dry when resting.
  • One of the few animals that use tools is They use a rock to open the mussel and clamshell.
  • Sea otters have pockets under their arms.
  • The group of sea otters resting is known as a raft.
  • The newly born baby otter cannot sink or dive.
  • The predators of otters are killer whales, white sharks, and humans.
  • The pelt of an otter was a luxurious item in the fashion industry. It became extinct because of over-hunting by the mid-20th
  • The giant otter belonged to the weasel family.
  • It is possible that the sea otter can spend their whole in the water without ever leaving.
  • Otters are the only aquatic mammal that catches fish with their paws rather than their mouth.
  • In the Amazon region, the giant otter is the rarest mammal.
  • Some of the experts state that otters are distant relatives of skunk.
  • Otters use their dung to mark territories and for communicating with fellow otters.
  • The oil spill in the seas is very dangerous for otters. This is because the oil will coat their fur that will lead to their death by hypothermia.

In the end, otters are wonderful creatures that teach you about fun, survival, and life. This information tells you everything about otters that you should know.

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