All You Need to Know About Owl and Baby Owl

Baby Owl : Owls are carnivores, birds of prey and raptors that have nocturnal behavior. They are mysterious, spooky, lovable, and enigmatic birds. Owls have strong senses that help them in hunting their prey. Since the ancient times, they have been famous as they are cute and beautiful creatures. They are extremely intelligent and sociable. Mostly, owls live in burrows, caves, barns, and old buildings. Owls can be found in all the places except Antarctica.

One of the popular facts that we all have heard about owls is that they can turn their heads in 360 degrees. Unfortunately, this is false, owls can only turn their head three-fourths of the way. The reason why owl rotates their head is that their eyes can’t move in the socket. In order to see in every direction, owls have to move their head.

In this write-up, we have highlighted everything you must know about owls, from their types to their lifestyle, to their babies and what to feed them. Continue reading further to know more about owls.

Types of Owl

Owls are popular because of their exceptional capabilities and their legends. There are more than 200 species of owls worldwide. The owls are categorized into 2 families, Tytonidae and Strigidae family. There are some species of owl that are classified as endangered, almost 50 species of owls have experienced a dramatic decrease in the population. Let’s have a look at the most common types of owl.

Barn Owl

One of the most common types of the owl is a barn owl. This owl has dark eyes and is a medium-sized owl. It has light grey color on the upper body with reddish brown and white feathers. The barn owl has grey spots on wings and head. The face of the owl is heart-shaped that is outlined with reddish brown color. The beak of the owl is off-white while the feet are yellowish white and brown. They have better hearing ability than sight and are reported to have the sharpest hearing. Barn owls live in heaths, woodland, moors, and farmland. They can be found in all the countries except Antarctica. They belong to the Tytonidae family of owls.

Elf Owl

One of the smallest owls is the elf owl, this owl has a round head with no ear tufts. The feathers of elf owl are brown and light grey, the face of the owl has reddish brown color with white colored eyebrows. The tail of the owl is stripped and short while the wings have grey spots. They have long wings that can reach their tail feathers when resting. The talons and feet of elf owl are small and weak that are covered in feathers.

Elf Owls can be found in the Southwest US, Baja California, and Central Mexico. They reside in deserts, woody places, mountain slopes, and plateaus. The elf owl has a nocturnal behavior and it hunts for food at night. They consume insects, caterpillars, scorpions, cicadas, and grasshoppers.

Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl is a large owl that comes from the Strigidae family of owls. Their color varies, they can be of reddish brown, black and white, or grey color. Female great horned owls are larger than male owls. Their face has a touch of orange and chest has white feathers while the underside is grey.

Moreover, the horns on their head are a cluster of feathers. Most of the people think they are ears or horns. They are popular because of their long neck. Their beak can be of 1.5 inches long. The tip of their wings has separate feathers that are known as slots. These slots provide improved maneuverability when hunting. They hunt at dusk to find voles, mice, rabbits, and skunks. Great Horned Owl can be found from Arctic region to South America.

Snowy Owl

Another most common type of owl is a snowy owl. It is known because of its large round head and white feathers with black spots. The female snowy owls have more marking than the male owls. Sometimes, the male owls have no marking at all. Snowy owls are the heaviest owls in North America. Their beak can be 2 inches long, their feet and legs are feathered. They can be found in Canada, North America, Siberia in winters, and even in Arctic regions. They reside in low-valley floors and elevated places like mountains. The snowy owl is part of Strigidae family.

Interesting Facts About White Owl

  • The snowy owl is also called white owl and they hunt in the day.
  • They are aggressive and will attack anyone who disturbs their nest.
  • Their height can reach up to 27 inches.
  • The oldest snowy owl was 9 years and 5 months old.
  • Their life expectancy is 28 years.
  • The male white owl is smaller than a female white owl.

Baby Owl

Owlets are very different from other baby birds. They will not leave their nest for a long time as they are unable to take care of themselves. The baby owl has fluffy, soft, and distinct markings. One of the first features that they develop is their facial disc. The size, color, and shape of the face are used for identifying the owlet. Moreover, the bill and eye color of the baby owl is also used for distinguishing between the adult and baby owl. This is because the owl has different coloring than adult owls.

The baby owl is unable to fly, but they will leave their nest in order to strengthen their legs and wings. They explore the nearby areas, they climb or jump on the rocks. This jumping or climbing process of baby owls is called branching. Mostly, the baby owls stay near their siblings. This is the reason why you see several owlets together.

Furthermore, the age of maturity varies in owls depending on the species. The smaller owl species mature quickly and they take few weeks after hatching to be indistinguishable from adult owls. On the other hand, for larger owls, the baby will take various months before reaching the full maturity and get independence.

Therefore, there are several factors that contribute to the growth of owlets including health, climate, stress, and availability of food.

What Should You Do When You Find Baby Barn Owl?

The first thing that you should do when you find a baby barn owl is not to leave them alone. when you find a baby owl on the ground is because the nest was not well-suited for the baby. Owls feed their strongest baby first, to make sure they live. During this process, mostly, the younger baby owl is ignored and they might die. So, if you find a baby barn owl that is too young to fly, it must be placed back in its nest.

When you will walk up to the baby owl and try to hold it, they might make a hissing sound or an intimidating sound. This is to scare you to back off, if you won’t back off, they will spread their wings and lift them up to appear bigger than it actually is.

In case you leave the baby alone, it will walk until it comes near a tree that is appropriate for it. The baby will sit on the tree and scream to be fed. Eventually, when it won’t get anything to eat, it will die.

Furthermore, you should locate the nest of the baby owl and determine whether it is the right fit for baby or not. It is crucial for you to find the original nest of the baby barn owl. This is because if you place them in any other nest, the adult will not feed the baby barn owl and it will die. It is advised to check the baby the next morning to see all is well or not. If you think the baby owl is unhealthy or injured, you must call the Owl Centers to come and inspect.

How Baby White Owl Nap Without Falling From Trees?

Are you wondering why doesn’t a baby owl fall down from the tree when sleeping? The baby white owl doesn’t fall out because of its back toe. The back toe, the hallux, will hold onto the branch and won’t open until the owl bends its leg.

How Long Does Great Horned Owl Baby Live With Its Parents?

The Great Horned Owl baby is protected by their parents during the first few weeks. After 6 weeks, the great horned owl baby will leave their nest and roam around. The owlets will learn how to fly after 9 weeks. The parents of the baby owl will feed them for several months. After they know how to fly and find food, they leave their parents and nest.



Where Can You Find Baby Snowy Owl?

The Snowy baby owl can be found in North America during the breeding season. In Canada, you can find these cute little fur balls on Northern Labrador and Northern Quebec. Occasionally, a snowy owl can be found in Central California, Florida, and Texas.

Why Is It Difficult to Have Baby Owl Pet?

Most of the people think it is cool and amazing to have a baby owl as a pet. Though, not everyone understands how much care and attention is required for them. In most of the countries, it is not prohibited to have an owl as a pet without permission. There are some countries that allow having baby owl pet after the training and construction of the proper facility.

In the US, private individuals are not permitted to have owls as a pet. The native owls can be kept as a pet by licensed individuals for a specific reason. Even after getting the permit, the ownership belongs to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. This means they can have them back if the requirements are not met.

Here are some of the reasons why it is challenging to have an owl as a pet.

Owls Are Considered To Be Destructive

Owls are vicious creatures who have killing instincts. They can use this instinct on any item such as pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys. Owls can even damage your woodwork by eliminating the finish.

Don’t Like To Be Cuddled

There are some species of owls that don’t like to be petted. After staying in captivity, the owls maintain their natural instincts. So, if you want to hold them to cuddle, you can’t do it.

Their Diet

Another reason why you can’t have owls as a pet is that you have to provide a proper diet. It is not possible for you to go to the local grocery store and get owl food. This is because they are carnivores and need to consume animals in order to be healthy. The Owl Centers have stored mice, rodents, rats, and rabbits in their freezers. This is to provide owls the correct diet for being healthy. So, if you are not prepared to give this diet to the owl every day, then you are not ready to have owl pet.

Specialized Care

Owls required special care and most of the veterinarians are not qualified to provide the care. So, this means you need to conduct extensive research for finding the vet who is trained and experienced to offer the best care for owls. Moreover, you must have comprehensive knowledge about the health owl as well. This is will help you determine whether their poop is normal or not. You must pay attention to their behaviors that might indicate health problems. There are plenty of things that you should know, this is why having proper training along with permit is essential.

Hence, you have to be prepared for taking care of the owl for a long period of time. This is because owls in captivity can live for 30 years while small owls can live up to 10 years.

What To Feed A Baby Owl?

When it comes to diet, owls need animal meat for staying healthy. Owls are dependent on animals for nutrition and they will eat anything that has meat. Here is a list of few of things that baby owl eats.

  • Rodents
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Rabbit
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Mammals
  • Fish
  • Worms
  • Insects

Baby Owl Name

Some people believe that baby owls are called chicks since the babies of most of the birds are known as chicks. However, the baby owl is called an owlet.

Cute Baby Owls

The most searched video is of cute baby owls. There are a plethora of videos featuring baby owls doing all kinds of fun things. You can see baby owls in hats, making funny expressions, being adorable and amusing. If you want to forget all your trouble, watching a video of the cute baby owl is the right choice.

Baby Owl Pictures

There are some baby owls that are cute and lovable. They have a broad range of expressions, from innocent to playful to grumpy. The internet is full of baby owls pictures looking funny, serious, or silly. These pictures are a great way to put a smile on your face. The fluffy body, little size, and wide eyes make the owls more adorable. From the moment owls are born, they are attractive. All the owls from various species have their own charm. This charm can be seen in pictures that will want you to hold these precious fluff balls. You can hang these photos in any room and bring a special appeal to the aesthetics of the room.

Baby Owl Video

Watching a baby owl playing is delightful and uplifting. There are tons of such videos that you can find on the internet. These videos have received millions of likes and views because of these cute owlets. Furthermore, there are numerous other videos floating on the internet that showcase encounters of a baby owl with a human.


Baby Owl Sounds

People believe that owls hoot, but they use different sounds to communicate with each other. They can make a collection of sounds including screeches, hisses, whistles, growls, rattles, and barks. According to experts, female owls have higher voices than their mates.

Baby Owls For Sale

In order to buy an owl, you should have a license and permit. Without the permit, you cannot acquire owls. There are no owls for sale in the US. So, if you wish to buy an owl, you have to search online for agents or breeders that can get you an owl. There are numerous requirements that you have to fulfill before getting a license and buying a baby owl.

Amazing Owl and Baby Owl Facts

Owls are a fantastic and mysterious creature in the world. There are few people who know everything about owls. Here are some of the facts that will surprise you.

  • The baby owls are born with one egg tooth that will fall after 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Owls will eat rodents, birds, small owls, fishes, mammals, and nocturnal insects.
  • Owlets will open their eyes after 10 to 12 days once they have hatched.
  • Baby owls can attach themselves to humans. So, the caretakers must take special measures when going near the owlets.
  • Owls have the capability to turn their heads upside down.
  • The word owl is derived from old English word “ule”, it means “to howl.”
  • They are known to have the best vision thanks to their 3 eyelids.
  • In many cultures, owls are associated with death and are considered as the symbol of death.
  • Some of the owl species are monogamous, this means that owls will mate for life.
  • Owlets are born in the abandoned nests of other birds because owls don’t make their own nests.
  • A barn owl can eat nearly 1,000 mice per year and mostly swallows them complete.
  • Baby owls don’t spend plenty of their time in the nest. Most of the owlets will stay in the nest for 6 weeks after hatching.
  • Owls eat rodents, this is why farmers use them to control the pest. It is a safer, natural, cheaper way to get rid of rodents.
  • In ancient Greece, owls were believed to be a sign of victory during a battle.
  • The owlets will grow up quickly, this is why they are known as fastest growing vertebrates.
  • The barn owls will reach the full adult feathering and weight in just 8 to 9 weeks.
  • The size of the snowy baby owl is same as the baby chicken. It can be 2 feet tall when it is fully matured.
  • Owls belong to the family of eagles and hawks.
  • The color of the feathers of owls help them to blend in the atmosphere, this makes them master of camouflage.
  • The smallest owl in the world is Elf Owl, it is nearly 4.5 inches tall. On the other hand, the largest owl is the Eurasian Eagle Owl, it is 28 inches tall.
  • A group of owls is called a parliament, study, bazaar, or a wisdom.
  • Owls have eye tubes instead of spherical eyeballs. This is why their eyes cannot move and are fixed in one place.
  • Owls have a unique wing that enables them to fly without any noise.
  • Female owls are larger than male owls. They lay eggs over 3 days, this is to make sure all the owlets are born at different times.
  • Owls have super hearing power, they can hear their prey under the snow, leaves, dirt, and plants.
  • Owls are reported to be found in the fossils that are 58 million years old. The largest fossil of the owl is Orinmegalonyvx oteroi, it was nearly 3 feet tall.
  • It is surprising, but it is true, some owls will eat owls of other species. This might be the reason behind the decrease in the number of a Western screech owl.
  • The modern dangers to owls are pesticides, habitat loss, wire fences, and vehicle collision.

All in all, owls are beautiful and wonderful creatures that can be kept as a pet if you take proper care of them. The above-mentioned information about owls is more than enough for you to know about owls, baby owl, and their lifestyle.

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