All you need to know about Hemorrhoidectomy

All you need to know about Hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoidectomy is the process of removing hemorrhoids from a human being. It is yet to be determined if it can be done on animals if or when they develop hemorrhoids. There are different ways of getting rid of hemorrhoids depending on their severity.As a solution however, it should only be considered when all else fails.


They are also called piles and mainly affect human beings. There are different opinions on whether hemorrhoids develop in animals. There are those that think cats, horses and dogs may develop hemorrhoids yet it is hypothetical.  It is also believed that apes are not affected by this condition. The reason people think that animals don’t suffer from this condition is that they stand on all four limbs while humans only use their legs. There are presumably more people who suffer from hemorrhoids than the cases reported. This is because hemorrhoids are largely considered to be an embarrassing condition. They are also not easily noticed because most reduce and disappear before they are noticed.

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Another reason why you may not know about them is that don’t pose a threat to your normal lifestyle. However, they may swell to a point where they cause you discomfort. They may also bleed or become painful at which point the person who has them will have to look for treatment. Many people have hemorrhoids therefore if you have them too don’t isolate yourself or wish it away.It is possible to suffer from hemorrhoids for a long time thus it is better to look for treatment early.

What are hemorrhoids (in simple explanation)?

If you have veins that are swollen in your anus and lower rectum, chances are you have hemorrhoids. The swollen veins are full of blood and look a lot like varicose veins. Human beings suffer from hemorrhoids because they have an upright posture. The blood in our bodies has more difficulty in going back to the heart than in animalsbecause of our posture.

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Internal & external hemorrhoid

Internal hemorrhoids form inside the rectum and as result you won’t know or feel them. They also rarely make you uncomfortable or cause you pain. This is because there are few sensitive nerves inside the rectum. The only way you may find out that you have internal hemorrhoids is if you are bleeding. Damage on the surface of a hemorrhoid causes it to bleed. This is possible if you experience irritation or when you strain when passing stool. The strain may also cause an internal hemorrhoid to come out through the anus. When this happens the hemorrhoid is considered a prolapsed hemorrhoid.Different from an internal hemorrhoid, prolapsed hemorrhoids may cause you pain and irritation. You may be able to see prolapsed hemorrhoids. They may appear as watery bumps which are pinker than the area around it.

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External hemorrhoids may develop under your skin around the anus. There are more nerves around the anus than in the rectum thus when hemorrhoids appearing in this area become irritated, they are painful and they bleed. Sometimes the blood within the hemorrhoid forms a clot and causes a lot of pain, swelling and a hard lump near the anus.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Pressure in any area of our bodies causes swelling in that area. Veins in our bodies also stretch under pressure. This applies to all veins no matter where they are located. For this reason, it is possible for the veins around your anus to stretch and bulge when subjected to pressure. When the pressure in the lower rectum increases, you can develop hemorrhoids. This basically means the veins in that area are swollen. The pressure may rise due to

  • Pregnancy

This is the main cause of hemorrhoids in women. This is because during pregnancy, the uterus grows. This causes pressure to rise in the veins that are in the rectal area. The growth of the uterus puts a lot of pressure on the veins carrying blood from the lower limbs. Consequently, the flow of blood from the lower limbs lessens and increases pressure in the rectal area. Increased pressure leads to swollen rectal veins (hemorrhoids).

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  • Constipation and when you have excessive diarrhea

Both situations cause straining when you are passing stool and this causes pressure in the rectum and subsequent development of hemorrhoids. Frequent bowel movement and wiping the area using toilet paperwhen you have already developed hemorrhoids may irritate the hemorrhoids.This will lead to bleeding and possibly pain.

  • Sitting for a long time

Be it sitting on the toilet seat or at work or even in front of your TV, you are causing pressure on your rectal area. This is a sure way of getting hemorrhoids.

  • A diet which has low fiber

Fiber helps us avoid being constipated. A diet with low fiber means your chances of avoiding constipation are significantly low. We can conclude that a low fiber diet can lead to constipation which can lead to hemorrhoids.

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  • Being obese

Excessive weight means that there is a lot of fat surrounding your veins. While fat around your heart may cause a heart attack, fats around the veins in the rectal area cause pressure in the rectum. The result is swelling of the veins and subsequently, hemorrhoids.

  • Progesterone

This is a female hormone that makes the walls of blood vessels to either expand or relax easily. During pregnancy, it is the main cause of constipation. It therefore follows that an increase in progesterone can lead to hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoid treatment

Most of us don’t notice hemorrhoids because we might miss the symptoms. They also go away on their own in most cases but they may reoccur. In this case there may be no need to do anything about them. For those who have painful, itching, irritating hemorrhoids however, there’s treatment. There are home remedies, lifestyle remedies and medical solutions.

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Home treatment

  • Sitting for fifteen minutes in warm water (Sitz) a couple of times a day may help you relax the muscles in your anal area. Relaxation of these muscles will reduce the swelling.
  • You may apply jelly in your anus which will ease the process of passing stool. This reduces irritation and bleeding as well as pain.
  • If you are in pain, you can use an ice pack to numb the area. This will also reduce the swelling.
  • You should keep the area clean as this will reduce the irritation.
  • Use witch hazel. It has astringent properties that are can reduce swelling.
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Lifestyle as a treatment

  • If you are suffering from obesity, the first step is to start eating healthy. You should eat foods with high fiber content as this aids digestion. You should also do more exercise to burn the fat in your body. Working on your weight, if it is the main cause of hemorrhoids, will take time but it will give you results. Losing weight will also make sure that hemorrhoids are not a frequent occurrence in your life.
  • If you are pregnant, avoid standing or sitting for too long because this may cause irritation of the hemorrhoids. You should also make sure you eat healthy foods. You diet should have just the right amount of fiber as this will counter the effect of progesterone. You should also take a lot of water to help your body function better though this applies to everyone.
  • Don’t sit for too long whatever the activity you are undertaking. Take breaks from time to time and walk around. This will ensure the blood circulates better and ease the pressure and result in less inflammation.
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Medical solutions

  • There are various creams and ointments that can relieve the pain and soothe the irritation.
  • You may use 1% hydrocortisone cream to reduce or stop the itching. This should be applied outside and NOT inside the anus.
  • It is possible to get a doctor to inject a solution into the hemorrhoid that will make it close off. He/she may also perform a procedure that cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. This will ensure there isn’t enough blood to cause the swelling.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy which is the removal of hemorrhoids surgically
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It is the removal of hemorrhoids. The blood clots and blood vessels that are connected to the swelling are also removed. It is an outpatient procedure meaning it is performed and you can go home on the same day or the following day.Compared to other procedures, this surgery has the highest chance of ensuring that the hemorrhoids do not recur. This procedure is recommended for people who have many hemorrhoids and have experienced a lot of pain or bleeding from having them. It is done when the patient is under anesthesia which means there is could be pain without it. It is a procedure that is performed only when all other solutions have failed.

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What is a hemorrhoidectomy (in simple explanation)?

It is surgery done to remove the hemorrhoids, blood clots and blood vessels from your anal area. The doctor decides whether you need it or not. The surgeons that perform hemorrhoidectomy are called colorectal surgeons.

Laser hemorrhoidectomy

It is a procedure that is done using infrared light, electrical current or focusing a laser beam.  It is one of the minimally invasive methods of treating hemorrhoids. The lasers are used to burn and stop the bleeding in the ends of a hemorrhoid tissue. This cuts the supply of the blood to the tissue.

It is a process that is not too painful for those who undergo it. It also doesn’t warrant hospitalization. You get in, get the procedure done and go home. Using laser means there is significantly less bleeding during surgery and the tissues surrounding the hemorrhoids are safe from damage. As a result, there are no further complications. There are many options of achieving the same result when you opt for laser hemorrhoidectomy to treat hemorrhoids. You may decide to use a laser with a wide beam which kills a huge chunk of tissue or you may go with the narrow beam which you can use to cut the tissue.

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Undergoing this procedure is easy for everyone in that it reduces the doctor’s work and reduces the time it takes for your wound to heal

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy

If your hemorrhoids are exceptionally large, this is the procedure you need. It refers to the surgical removal of exceptionally enlarged tissue and then replacement of the residual tissue back. It is classified under the minimally invasive procedures as it done through the anus. It does not need any incisions to me made outside and thereby when it’s complete there are no scars visible.

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This method of removing hemorrhoids makes use of a surgical stapler. Using the stapler, the surgeon removes the excess tissue within the rectum. The protruding tissue is then stapled back to its initial place. The blood vessels that feel the hemorrhoid are cut during this procedure as well. The hemorrhoids thereby reduce in size because the flow of blood is reduced. It is a relatively short surgery since it takes approximately half an hour. There is also little pain felt after the surgery when compared to other forms of surgeries.

Hemorrhoidectomy cost

The cost of the procedure varies all over the world. It depends on where you undergo the surgery. For example it costs around $2100 in Turkey and costs around $1000 dollars in the UAE.  Elsewhere it is stated to cost between $9000 and $ 12000.You just need to find the right fit for you. If you need to travel to have the procedure done, there are other costs for you need to keep in mind such as food and lodge. It is however better to find out if the surgery is being offered in your country first.

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Hemorrhoidectomy procedure

Once the doctor has recommended the procedure to be done, the patient will be given a special diet to keep the bowels clean so that the surgery can be done. The hemorrhoids are checked and the patient’s gastrointestinal tract is cleared. Laxatives are effective for cleaning the colon and so are stool softeners. The rectal area is also cleaned. The patient may sit in warm water for fifteen minutes before the area is cleaned once more.

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During surgery the surgeon uses anesthesia to numb the area. He/she sees the hemorrhoid and its surrounding tissues using an anoscope. Surgical stitches are used to cut off the blood flow. The surgeon cuts around the hemorrhoid then removes the chunk of tissue. The patient may choose to have the wound opened or closed. Should he/she choose to have it closed, a mesh is used to close it. There are doctors that will recommend you leave the wound open to help it heal faster.

Hemorrhoidectomy pain

Pain is common after almost every surgery and after a hemorrhoidectomy the patient experiences a certain degree of pain. This pain is however controlled using pain tablets and other medications. Sitting in warm water (Sitz baths) are also recommended to advance healing and eliminate discomfort. You should NOT buy over-the-counter medicine unless your doctor Okays it.

After hemorrhoidectomy

You will be observed until the anesthesia wears off. You will be asked to take a leak so that they may know whether there’s inflammation or if your pelvic muscle spasm. There is a probability that you may experience some difficulty in urinating due to the dressing or swelling. It is temporary and there is no need to think something went wrong with the procedure. If however it becomes urgent for you to urinate, the nurses will use a catheter to empty your bladder. You will be given further information on how to take care of yourself at the hospital. You should be keen to follow the instructions because they know what works for faster recovery.

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Do not be alarmed if you notice some bleeding as this normal. You may see some blood during the first passing of stool post surgery. You need to drink a lot of fluids but not alcohol and eat light meals for a few days before you can resume you regular diet. You should ensure that as you move from bland foods to normal food, your fiber intake also increases. This should be gradual and not instant so as to avoid overwhelming your system. If you are in pain during bowel movement, you may use numbing remedies. You should also use ice in the anal area to minimize inflammation and to lessen the pain. The surgeon may put you on antibiotics to prevent any infection that may otherwise develop. He/she may also suggest that you use stool softeners.

Hemorrhoidectomy recovery

Anesthesia causes many patients to be woozy and when it wears off post surgery, the patients may still remain woozy or dizzy. It is therefore important to have a friend or family around to help you as you recover.

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As you get better you may experience a few things. These are normal and will clear after a while. However should they persist contact your surgeon as they may be symptoms of other complications or conditions. You may experience:

  • Pain when passing urine or stool. A possible solution is numbing the area or using stool softeners. Avoid straining as this may cause the hemorrhoids to recur.
  • Itching after passing stool. This occurs inside the anus. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about this but don’t worry, it will pass.
  • Your pelvic muscles may contract unintentionally.
  • You may experience difficulty in passing urine.

Hemorrhoidectomy recovery time (how long is it?)

It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to fully recover from a hemorrhoidectomyin the best case scenarios.Thereare cases where it takes up to 6 weeks. In this case there is no need to panic; some people just heal faster than others. This is however subject to your adherence to the doctor’s instructions and taking care of your hygiene. You should also consider what you eat.

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Complications after hemorrhoidectomy

Even though the procedure is highly successful, there a few cases where complications arise. Some of these include;

  • Infection
  • Bloating
  • Stool leakage
  • Bleeding from the anus
  • Extreme pain
  • Retention of urine.
  • You may loss control of passing urine or stool
  • Accumulation of blood in the operated area.
  • Constriction of the anal canal

Tips to reduce pain after hemorrhoid surgery

The pain and discomfort after the procedure may last for ten days. If the doctor inserts an ice pack to numb the area and dull the pain, he or she will remove it within two days.

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Before you are discharged, you may be given a long-acting general anesthesia that will last for 6 to 12hours. After the anesthesia wears off, oral medication may be administered. There are many available ways of curbing pain post surgery. You may use simple over the counter medicine for example Tylenol or ibuprofen. Your doctor may also prescribe some pain relievers such as Percocet. You can also use ice packs to numb the area. Sitz (sitting in warm water for fifteen minutes) are also highly recommended.

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Post hemorrhoidectomy diet

After any surgery, there are dietary conditions and this case is not different. After the procedure is done, it is recommended that you take fluids and very light food. This is easy to digest. These foods include cranberry juice, gelatin, broth and tea. They are low in calories and do not have nutrients and thus they should only be taken for a short time. After a few days you may gradually resume eating normally. Ensure you eat foods that have high fiber content. These are fruits, whole grains and vegetables.  They will aid the bowel movement as you resume your normal food portions. The fruits that are high in fiber include; blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. On the other hand beans for instance kidney beans and chick peas are also quite high in fiber content

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