How to Stay Awake : Break Your Limit

How to Stay Awake : Whoever said that high school was the best time for a student, was right. Once the students get into college they realize that sleeping is a luxury and coffee becomes their new best friend. The reasons could change, sometimes a student is taking more than they can handle or they simply do not know how to organize their time so they can achieve everything.

Whatever the reason may be, staying awake is now a priority. Some students cannot afford to miss lectures, especially when the end of term is approaching.

Whether it’s a late-night shift at work, an early-morning class, or a sleepover, staying wake can be due to a lot of things. There are different methods one can apply to ensure they stay awake.  Some of these methods are natural while others are artificial.  Artificial methods include taking caffeine, coffee, and other sleep suppressant materials.  Whereas natural methods of ensuring staying wake include brisk walks, short naps, taking a healthy snack, conversations, increased light and others.

Are you wondering how to stay awake? Sleep is a fundamental requirement for everyone and lack of sleep can have negative effects on your health and body. Most of the people don’t know how harmful it is not to get enough sleep. This article is a guide on how to stay awake and what areits effects.

Read on to know more about how you can stay awake.

Stay Woke

If you are a student with a hectic schedule and more assignments than hours available, how to stay awake is your biggest concern. Quitting and going to sleep is tempting but remember all that is at stake. You need to stay awake and this guide will give you the tools to accomplish your goal.

How to Stay Awake

There are several options and techniques that can be resumed in three categories.

  • Get enough rest: It is the obvious answer to this issue, sleeping at least 8 hours at night will give you enough time to recover and the next day you will be as good as new. Organize your time so you can get a good night of sleep but even if that does not work, consider taking a nap during the day, especially before your classes.
  • Chemicals: Caffeine is the first choice but not the only option, some pharmaceutical companies offer “brain boosters”, these are pills that help you stay awake for long periods of time. Beware, the abuse of substances could damage you permanently.
  • Another options: This category contains techniques that do not involve sleeping or using chemicals to stay awake.

How to Stay Awake to Study

College students are no strangers to all-nighters, perhaps they did not have time to study before or they need to be extra prepared for a test. How to stay awake to study is as challenging as going through the syllabus.

  • Do not get too comfortable: Studying in bed sounds cozy but it is a bad idea, being comfortable will make you fall asleep faster so refrain from studying on any surface that is too accommodating.
  • Yes to coffee, no to alcohol: Avoid alcohol at any cost, it makes you sleepy and defeats completely the purpose of the all-nighter. Coffee and energy drinks are the best options.
  • Power naps: Taking a power nap could be the difference between a successful night of study and a wasted night. If you start to get too confused by the subject and do not understand what you are reading, it is time to take nap. It should not be longer than one hour.
  • Chew gum: This is the best way to cheat your brain, chewing gum sends the message that you are busy and you will not feel sleepy that easy, it also keeps you active.

Sleeping in Class

Students that have not mastered the techniques to stay awake fall asleep in class. When they are tired they see it as a great option and think that since it does not harm anyone, it is alright to do it. Well, it is not good. Not only they are missing the lectures but they also will get used to it and when it becomes a habit, it will be hard to erase it from their system.

Learning how to stay awake in class and making an effort to follow the techniques is all they need. Although it may not seem like it, it is better to miss one class that spend the whole hour snoring over the books.

How to Stay Awake in Class

Staying awake during morning classes is a challenge for most college students but there are some tricks that will help any student stay alert without coffee or energy drinks:

  • Sit in the front: Being closer to the teacher will help you focus, sit in the front instead of the back where it is easier to catch a quick nap.
  • Go for a walk: If you feel you are starting to fall asleep, go for a walk. Go to the bathroom and wash your face.
  • Take a shower: Morning classes are tough but a good start is the key to going through your day. Take a shower in the morning before class, of course you will have to wake up with enough time and not 5 minutes before class.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking cold water will help you stay awake, grab your water bottle and put a lot of ice on it.
  • Make a friend: Mornings are not easy, but everything is better with a helping hand. Find a partner in your class and ask them to pinch you if the see you arestarting to fall asleep.

How to Stay Awake When Tired

A hectic schedule will limit any student’s sleeping time and sometimes they cannot afford to rest. In those times a student needs all the help they can get, if you find yourself in a situation where sleeping is not an option, consider:

  • Drinking coffee: Caffeine will help you stay awake but consuming too much of it could be damaging for you. Limit the amount of coffee you consume daily and instead find another option that could help you.
  • Keep your mind alert: Talk to people, write, and doodle. Giving your brain something to do will not allow the tiredness to take over.
  • Stay active: The minute you sit without something to do, you will lose. Walk around the space or go out to get some fresh air.

How Long can you Go Without Sleep

An experiment determined that human beings can go 11 days without sleep, soldiers in the front stay up for 2 to 4 days but they take pills that help them stay alert. A human can be sleep deprived for a long time but it has consequences like hallucinations after some days. People need to sleep like they need to breath and avoiding one or the other will lead to death.

People that are healthy should not try to stay awake for more than 24 hours straight. Taking enough rest is the key to a healthy lifestyle, as a student you should not try to push your limits. Staying awake to study sometimes is necessary but follow the advices on how to stay awake so you do not end up damaging yourself. However, learning how to manage your time may be a better option than giving up rest.


Can you Die From Lack of Sleep?

Yes, you can die from lack of sleep as it can cause numerous physical symptoms that can kill you. When you don’t have enough sleep, your body goes under hormonal changes. The TSH and cortisol levels rise that leads to high blood pressure. You can witness the impact of lack of sleep within the first 24 hours. After 2 days, the digestion of the glucose is disrupted and cravings for carbohydrates is promoted. Soon the body temperature will fall down that causes the immune response to be suppressed.

Moreover, according to a study, it was stated that it is possible to die because of sleep deprivation. Though no human has died from lack of sleep. A study was conducted on rats at theUniversity of Chicago. In this study, the rats were sleep deprived and rats died after 32 days. There is not much information available, but experts are certain that sleep deprivation can kill you.

Foods that Keep You Awake

There are plenty of foods that help you stay awake. Some of the most commonly used are as follows:


One of the most common foods that keep you awake is coffee as it contains high levels of caffeine. It is a stimulant that blocks the action of hormones in your brain, this results in making us feel tired. When you consume caffeine in large quantity, it can stimulate your mind for a short period of time. However, it can make your mind alert when the impact of caffeine wears off.


Another food that keeps you awake is fruits, they contain ahigh amount of sugar that is perfect for a quick rush of energy.  The fruits won’t increase your glucose levels as much as a candy does. It is better to consume fruits with high quantities of Vitamin C like orange and pineapple. Such fruits help in turning your fat into energy to keep you awake.

Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is another great food that keeps you away. When you eat dark chocolate, you get energy as it has the nutrients that fight stress and helps you focus. A dark chocolate with high amounts of cacao and caffeine boosts your energy quickly that keeps you awake.

What Happens If You Don’t Sleep?

Lack of sleep has numerous negative impact on your health. Have a look at the impacts of sleep deprivation on your health and body.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system becomes weaker, you have alower sex drive, you might face thinking issues, and it can even lead to weight gain. Additionally, the risk of diabetes, cancer,and accidents are increased. Moreover, lack of sleep has a direct impact on your heart. Sleep deprivation can increase the chances of having coronary heart disease or increase the threat of a stroke. Sleep deprivation affects your cognitive abilities that slow the functions of your brain.

How to Stay Awake All Night

There is nobody who loves to skimp on sleep, but everyone has done it. Whether you to need to study for an exam or finish a project, you have stayed awake all night. Here are some of the ways through which you can pull an all-nighter.

Keep the Light On

The hormone that makes us sleepy, melatonin requires darkness. When you keep a light close to your eyes, your brain will stay in alert mode. So, when you want to stay awake, you should keep a bright light on. It is an easy and effective way to stay awake.

Drink Coffee and plenty of Water

Another tip on how to stay awakeall night is to drink a little coffee. According to experts, 4 cups of coffee is safe for adults. If you want to stay awake you can consume coffee and have a snack with it to slow the release of caffeine into your system. However, too much of caffeine is not good for your health. So, it is recommended to drink one or 2 cups of coffee. After that, it is advised to drink lots of water. When you are hydrated you can concentrate better and your system works better. This will help you stay awake for a night.

How To Stay Awake At Work

How wonderful it would have been if you could take a nap at work. Unfortunately, it cannot happen. When you are sleepy at work your work performance suffers and you won’t enjoy your work. We have listed some ways that will help you stay awake at work.

Sit up Straight

One of the easiest ways to stay awake on the job is by sitting up straight in your chair. According to a study, posture has an impact on your energy levels. It was found that individuals who sit straight are more energetic and enjoy their work more than individuals who are slumped on their table.

Take Breaks for Activities

Another great way to keep yourself awake is to take few activity breaks after every few hours. For instance,  you can walk around your office when answering a phone call.

Is it Safe to Take Stay Awake Pills?

The Stay Awake pills are helpful when you need to complete a project or study.This pill will provide you the required amount of caffeine, but here are some unwanted side effects of using this pill. Few of the side effects are:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Having tolerable sleeping
  • Increase in urination
  • Upset stomach
  • Mood changes
  • Dizziness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Shaking

Hence, you should not use it unless the doctor prescribes the stay awake pill as it is not safe.

How to Stay Awake for 24 Hours

Here are few tips that will help you stay awake for 24 hours.

  • An easy way to stay awake for 24 hours is by keeping company. When you take breaks or study with other, times passes by quickly as it is stimulating.
  • Changing your activities will help you stay awake. The change in activities will provide a mental stimulation for staying awake. It is also recommended to change locations, so you won’t get too comfortable in one place.
  • You can eat foods that give your energy a boost to stay awake. Keeping yourself hydrated is another way to stay awake.

Therefore, sleep deprivation is not good for your health and body, so you should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

3 Hours of Sleep

Believe it or not, a good night of sleep affects much more than how awake you feel at practice the next day. A lot of people are sleep-deprived.  Also, many people are of the opinion that they will function just fine on less than the recommended seven-to-nine hours per night. However, there are some selected few among us who will only get 3 hours of sleep over the night.

While 3 hours of sleep is enough for some people, it could turn out to be disastrous for others.  The kind of people who usually do not get more than 3 hours of sleep is called “the sleepless elite.”  Different reasons have been attributed to why these people get such a concise period of sleep and still function.  Genetic mutation is one of these reasons, and it explains why some people can get by with far less shut-eye than others.

No one could say precisely how many true “short-sleepers” are present in the world, but it is sure that these people are usually upbeat and highly energetic in general.

What to Do When You Are Bored at Night

Sometimes we get so bored in the night that we find ways to fill every single minute of those times with activities that will keep us alive and up, pending the arrival of sleep.  Here are some few ideas of things to do when you are bored at night:

Watch a movie:  People usually fall asleep in front of the TV, especially when they are watching a long film.  Especially if the movie is a great one, it is almost sure you will be fast asleep with just 15 minutes into the movie.

Do some work on your Laptop:  You can reply to emails and update your blog.  Maybe this time is the right time for you to go through all those hundreds of emails you haven’t even managed to read yet.  Late night typing and the lines on the screen are bound to relax you.  Soon you will feel your eyelids getting heavy.

Go for a walk: You do not have to jog or walk briskly.  Just put on an overcoat or something warm coupled with pajamas and your sneakers.  Take a slow relaxing walk down the block and get some fresh air.  This will aid in making you feel sleepy.

Do some housework:  Quietness at this time means you can do the chores around the house that you were too tired to do during the day.

How to Stay Awake While Driving

To stay awake while driving, be sure to sleep well at night.  Also, target your biological clock to lead after the first day you are most attentive.  Ensure you get a break of around 30 minutes per 3 hours’ drive so that you can rest and exercise.  You can also divide driving with another person, changing hands every four hours or less.  Eat regularly to paste your blood sugar levels normal.  Be sure not to drink alcohol. However, you can have some coffee or tea.  Also, avoid drugs that will lead to drowsiness and if one of the side effects reads “avoid doing great efforts”, then do not drive the car.

Another shot at staying awake while driving is turning on the radio and tune it to a station playing upbeat music.  And you can also turn on the air-conditioner in the car and direct it to blow on your face.

How to Stay Awake After an All-nighter

Going for a long time without sleep is not ideal, likewise, sleeping too much.  Though the benefits of regular sleep cycles have been encouraged by physicians over time, however, sometimes we must grind out that odd work demands or overdue assignments.  For instances when you have pulled up an all-nighter, here is how to stay awake:

Eat Well:  Avoid junk foods like chips and chocolate.  Take healthier foods, those with natural sugars, like bananas, high protein snacks at intervals throughout the day are also a great way of staying awake after an all-nighter.

Exercise: Take frequent breaks and make sure they involve body movement serious enough to keep blood flowing. Yoga breaks are also extremely beneficial for accessing more energy.

Take Aspirin:  Pain can develop with lack of sleep, especially moodiness and headaches.  To curb that right from the start, take aspirin or some other pain-killer to miss the distraction that comes with the pain.

Drink Water: Stay hydrated, it’s the best way to stay alert and keep body and brain functions up.  You can also eat ice as chewing it keeps the body hydrated.

Others are taking a nap, caffeine, a video or game break and listening to music.

However, the best way is to keep all-nighters to a minimum.  It helps to reduce the cumulative effects of weariness; hence less harm is done.

Sleep Deprivation Stages

The early stages of sleep deprivation are the first two or three days that you go without sleep.  These stages are associated with the feeling of being tired, having sore eyes, slower response times, feeling irritable, and possibly feeling unusual physical sensations. Things like tingling, numbness or the feeling that you are floating. The longer you go without sleep, the worse these feelings will become.

The middle stages of deprivation run from three to five days. The affected person may experience illusions and “microsleep,” which is naps that last for just a few seconds.

The severe stages of sleep deprivation are seen after you have gone four or five days without sleep.  After this time, your grip on reality might loosen. One may hallucinate, be paranoid, and act in a psychotic manner. Also, going without sleep lessens your immune system, so your chances of being sick increases.

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