Retrograde Ejaculation, It’s Men Problems and Most Concerns

Retrograde Ejaculation : For most men, the release of semen when climaxing during sex is a source of extreme pleasure and a sign of perfect sexual health. Reaching the big “O” for men may mean spurting forth a sizable amount of semen and messing up the place. However, for some men who suffer from retrograde ejaculation, there might not be a lot of messing up to do since they are not able to produce semen in abundance.

With retrograde ejaculation, instead of semen being expelled from the urethra, it goes back to the bladder. This condition is also called dry orgasm or dry ejaculation and it does not cause any harm to an individual. Men will still feel that orgasmic sensation but very little or no semen at all will be produced. This condition majorly occurs in diabetic patients or those suffering from neurological problems. It can also be a side effect of some medication such as Flomax or as a result of a previous prostate surgery. This condition can be detected early by the presence of hazy or cloudy urine immediately after ejaculation. Antegrade ejaculation can be resolved by medication without the use of invasive procedures.

There is no cause for alarm and no treatment is required unless in cases where it may cause infertility. There are various scientific methods to conceive such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. When exploring such treatment options, some medication is administered to alkalinize the urine in order to improve the quality of the harvested semen. Many men suffer in silence about this condition yet it’s a common problem that can easily be resolved.

Common Ejaculation Problems for Men

Men always wonder at what point ejaculation becomes a problem. This is mostly an emotive question among men and some may claim it depends on the distress levels the man or his partner may be having prior to sexual activity. It is a fact that ejaculation latency greatly varies from one man to another. This is normally the period between initiating sexual intimacy to the time when the man ejaculates. Ejaculatory problems may be classified broadly as either caused by biological or psychological factors and the treatment options vary depending on the underlying cause. There are about four ejaculation problems that mostly affect men:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • anejaculation
  • Retrograde ejaculation


Premature Ejaculation

This is commonly referred as PE in short. Premature ejaculation happens when a man climaxes or orgasms sooner than intended on all or nearly all occasions of sexual activity. Statistics show PE occurs usually before or within a minute of penetrating the vagina. However, ejaculation can also be easily triggered by just the thought of sexual activity especially if it has been a while since a man had sex. It is important to note that ejaculation can be considered premature if the man ‘comes’ sooner than he or his partner so desires. This can cause distress, frustration and even the total avoidance of sex because of anticipated disappointment. PE affects men of all ages but studies reveal it’s mostly common among younger men. More often than not it’s due to the novelty of the men to sexual experience especially if it’s for the first time or with a new partner. It can also be caused by stressful relationships where a partner has unrealistic expectations, is sexually demanding, overambitious desire to satisfy a partner and general anxiety prior to sex.

Difficulty Ejaculating in Men

After imbibing heavily in alcohol, if a man is successful in getting an erection, he may experience difficulty while ejaculating. This is the case especially for chronic drinkers who engage in sexual activity while they are intoxicated. It can also be a medical condition in men known as anejaculation where a man is totally not able to ejaculate. This condition is very rare and, in most cases, it is misdiagnosed as azoospermia. In ageing men, it can manifest it self as delayed ejaculation mostly caused by use of antidepressant medicines. It can also affect men suffering from diabetes.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Most men may be unfamiliar with the term “retrograde ejaculation” but they may have heard about “dry orgasm”. This is where a man engages in sexual activity and reaches orgasm but produces very little semen or none at all. Sometimes the cause can be frequent ejaculation till the reservoir runs dry which is totally normal. However, if this occurs due to retrograde ejaculation, then there’s a reason for worry. Dry orgasm or dry ejaculation is the inability to ejaculate normally and instead ejaculate backwards into the bladder. At the point of ejaculation, the valve that is situated at the base of the bladder shuts and prevents semen from moving backwards into the bladder and instead move forward. When this mechanism doesn’t work, the semen finds its way back into the bladder thus causing this condition. This is however not life threatening since the semen just mixes with the urine and ultimately leaves the body when urinating. Diabetic men or men who have undergone genitourinary tract surgery are most susceptible to this condition.

Retrograde Ejaculation Symptoms

One of the main symptoms of retrograde ejaculation is that there will be very little or no discharge of semen when the man climaxes during sexual activity. The basic diagnosis that doctors use to detect this condition is by carrying out a urinalysis test on a urine specimen obtained just after ejaculation. The condition is detected when the urine sample has an abnormally high level of sperm. The sample usually appears cloudy and whitish.

The doctor can also carry out a physical examination of the genitals to rule out any anatomical problems that may be pre-existing. The urine will also be inspected for presence of semen in the sample. If there is none, then it may be an indication that the prostate is damaged.

Another symptom of dry ejaculation is cloudy urine after orgasm. This is because the urine mixes up with semen and produces a cloudy whitish substance.

After several failed attempts of trying to get your female partner pregnant, it can be an indication that you have been experiencing dry orgasm

Retrograde Ejaculation Causes

Basically, anything that interferes with the closing of the sphincter at the bladder neck during ejaculation will definitely cause retrograde ejaculation. There may also be medical factors that might cause this problem.

Some of the medical causes of dry ejaculation include:

  • Surgery to the prostate gland or bladder neck surgery. Retroperitoneal lymph node surgery for testicular cancer can also be the cause.
  • Side effect of medication used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and prostate enlargement.
  • Spinal cord injury which might interfere nerve supply especially to the bladder neck region.
  • Radiation therapy to treat cancer especially around the pelvic region.

Retrograde Ejaculation Pain (Is It Harmful?)

It is important to note that men experiencing retrograde ejaculation can still achieve normal orgasm. The only worry is that it causes infertility as the sperms are not being injected to your partner.

This condition does not have a serious impact on penis health though some men have reported very little pain or discomfort during ejaculation. It is common practice in some men to squeeze the head of their penises to prevent the sperm from shooting out especially during masturbation. This is inflicting pain on your penile tissue and may be dangerous. It is advised to try out Kegel exercises instead to delay ejaculation.

The pain may be more of emotional rather than physical since dry orgasm can cause infertility for men who are trying to get their partners pregnant. This can greatly affect their self esteem and may lead to depression.

Retrograde Ejaculation Treatment

Some men may opt not to seek treatment for this condition since their penises function normally and they can achieve orgasm like other men. Those who are not interested in having children in future may also not find the need to seek treatment.

If medications are the cause for this condition, a simple switching to a different treatment can be an easy solution.

Penile vibratory stimulation (PVS) is normally recommended as the first line of treatment because it is non-invasive, simple, cheap and successful in some cases.

In the case of nerve related problems, treatment to resolve this issue can be a remedy for your ejaculatory problem. Herbs like Pernnail, Shatawari and Gokharu have been proved to be effective in the treatment of this condition. These drugs form part of the Ayurvedic medicine and it is important that you consult a qualified Ayurvedic doctor to prescribe the accurate dosage.

Homeopathy also provides alternative drugs for treatment of retrograde ejaculation. Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Gelsimium can really help in strengthening the bladder neck muscles and treat the condition fully. You can also opt for drugs such as Argentium Nitrium or Arsenic Album as they are also effective in treating retrograde ejaculation.

Retrograde Ejaculation Cure

Most men with retrograde ejaculation don’t need a specific cure for this condition since they can have normal sexual activities. You might however need to be cured if you want to sire children and this condition has resulted in infertility issues.

If your condition is related to a nerve or muscle problem, your doctor can recommend you use drugs such as pseudoephedrine, imipramine or Sudafed. These drugs will help to improve the muscle tone in the bladder neck and prevent semen from going back to the bladder.

If the retrograde ejaculation problem is caused by the medications you are using such as Flomax, it is advisable to discontinue and seek alternative treatment.  There are also natural home remedies you can explore to cure this condition. Consumption of natural organic foods has been proved to help alleviate the effects of anti-depressant drugs that may be causing this problem.

Diabetic men are most susceptible to retrograde ejaculation because of poor blood sugar control. Over a long period of time, this might lead to neuropathy of the bladder thus weakening the valves. This condition in diabetics can be remedied by using imipramine and pseudoephedrine. From scientific research, medical treatment for diabetics has proved to be the most promising and should be used as the first line of treatment before other options are explored.

Flomax for Retrograde Ejaculation

Most men using Flomax or otherwise known as Tamsulosin Hydrochloride have experienced retrograde ejaculation as the side effect for this drug. Flomax is normally prescribed for patients being treated for enlarged prostate. After about two weeks of Flomax medication, most men experienced very little ejaculation or none at all during sexual activity. Another side effect of this drug is dizziness and somewhat stuffy nose especially at night with no hint of a cold.

This side effect of “dry ejaculation” will not do any physical damage to your penis, it’s just that some men get bothered mentally if they climax and no semen is spurting forth. Some men take this side effect as an alternative to birth control which should not be the case. One can still get pregnant with the little semen that is produced especially if your partner is ovulating.

Another alternative for treatment of prostate is a surgical procedure such as TURP which may lead to impotency. That is why men prefer Flomax whose side effects are not as adverse as TURP. Retrograde ejaculation will subside once you are through with the medication.

 Sudafed Method for Retrograde Ejaculation

Sudafed also known as pseudoephedrine is a decongestant used to shrink blood vessels in the nasal cavity for easier breathing. It is very effective in treating nasal and sinus congestion or congestion of the tubes in your inner ears.

Sudafed can only be sold in a pharmacy since it has been used illegally before to manufacture methamphetamines, commonly known as meth.

Recent studies have been carried out about the effectiveness of Sudafed to also treat retrograde ejaculation in men. Sudafed acts to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which in turn increase ejaculate volume or changes retrograde ejaculation to antegrade ejaculation. It has worked successfully in some men while others say it’s kind of a hit or miss trial. The ingredients in this drug helps the nerves in the bladder to work well so that when you ejaculate the semen comes forward instead of reverting back to the bladder. A higher dosage for this drug can prove to be efficient if taken three to four times a day. For maximum performance, it is recommended to take Sudafed pills an hour before intercourse.

How to Cure Retrograde Ejaculation Naturally

You can use herbal solutions to cure this condition.  Some herbal blends such as Ashwagandha, bitter lemon, American Ginseng, Pyrola among others have been known to naturally relieve the side effects of diseases such as diabetes.

Substituting sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia and Xylitol can be beneficial in reversing Retrograde ejaculation and improve bladder nerves damaged by the effects of diabetes. Natural foods and sweeteners also provide vital nutrients needed to recover from complications arising from prostate surgery. The doctor can also advise on the natural foods to take to reduce the side effects of anti-depressant drugs.

Stress and depression is normally associated with men having retrograde ejaculation. Men are encouraged to take Yoga classes and meditation in silence to alleviate the stress and assist in the healing process.

It is prudent to always consult your doctor before trying out any home remedies for the treatment of a complex retrograde ejaculation problem.

What Prevents Eetrograde Ejaculation?

It is advisable to ask your doctor to prescribe for you alternate medications to replace the ones that put you at risk of this condition.

Before you go for surgery that might affect bladder neck muscle or prostate, it is important to raise your concerns about the risk of getting retrograde ejaculation.

Men who have experienced nerve damage due to diseases such as diabetes, prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis can use some prescribed medication to prevent retrograde ejaculation. Among the drugs that are likely to be prescribed by your doctor include Ephedrine, Phenylephrine, Brompheniramine, imipramine, Midodrine and Chlorpheniramine. All these drugs help a great deal to shut the bladder valve during ejaculation. It is important to note that some of these drugs might increase your blood pressure and heart rate. They should be avoided by men suffering from hypertension or any disease of the heart.

With modern innovative medicine, it is now possible to carry out prostate surgery with minimally invasive procedures that may cause less retrograde ejaculation. Some of these procedures include the use of transurethral needle ablation and transurethral microwave thermotherapy. Although these procedures may cause less side effects of retrograde ejaculation, they may not be suitable for all patients. It is important to consult your urologist or a doctor who specializes in male reproductive health before using these new procedures.

Can Retrograde Ejaculation Reverse Itself?

The reversibility of this condition majorly depends on the root cause of your condition. If it is caused by certain drugs or medication then your doctor can advise you to terminate the use of such medication. This can be a simple and easy way to reverse this condition. How long this problem persists depends majorly on the underlying cause. If it is a side effect of a specific medication, then the problem might be resolved if you’re switched to another medication. On the other hand, if this condition is caused by either muscle damage or severe nerve problems, then the condition might be permanent.

It is very rare for this case to reverse itself unless all the underlying conditions causing the problem are done away with. About 40% of men have had normal ejaculation after they sought treatment rather than wishing it away. Some men may not respond to such treatment and they end up being infertile. This should not be a cause for alarm as fathering a child is possible if fertilization procedures are followed strictly.

It is important to note that certain causes of this condition cannot be reversed. This however does not physically affect the individual unless the couple is trying to conceive. There are scientific techniques like artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization that can be used to remedy this situation.

How Can You Get Pregnant if Your Partner Has Retrograde Ejaculation?

It is still possible to father children even if you have retrograde ejaculation. This can be done with the help of a fertility doctor. You can get specific instructions from your doctor to inseminate at home. They normally advise the man to increase water intake and at ovulation time, the water should contain a little baking soda or Alka-Seltzer to help neutralize the urine. Just before engaging in intercourse, the man should urinate and try to push out the semen. This way you’ll get very little urine and it will be less acidic. Of course the urine will be mixed up with semen. You should give it some time for the semen to settle then use a syringe to carefully extract the semen. Proceed to dilute the semen at room temperature and slowly inject the semen close to the cervix and lie backwards to allow the semen to penetrate. This has worked for some couples trying to conceive especially during ovulation.

The three commonly used fertilization procedures used for men with retrograde ejaculation include:

  • Intrauterine insemination. This procedure involves inserting a small catheter to deposit extracted sperm from your urine into your partner’s uterus during ovulation
  • In-vitro fertilization. This process involves incubating your partners eggs and sperm in the laboratory for fertilization
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection which involves injecting a single sperm inside your partner’s egg for fertilization to occur.

The man can also use a large dose of Sudafed to help the bladder neck muscles to close thus forcing the semen forward the way it’s supposed to go. Ensure you use Sudafed constantly for three to four days before sexual activity and take two tabs just an hour before. Most men who have used this nasal decongestant have been successful in ejaculating and getting their female partners pregnant.

Getting your partner pregnant should be the least of your worries if you are having a retrograde ejaculation problem.

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