Weird Animals : Which is Weirdness for You?


The world is a wild and wonderful place, filled with millions of different animals most of us have never even aware of.  These millions of different species range from amphibians and reptiles to birds, mammals, and sea animals. Several species of the animal kingdom could be classified as weird. Some are unusual in their appearance, while others are weird in their behavior.

The world can be much of a beautiful place, with all the nature’s goodness embracing us from all angles. But sometimes the same Planet Earth which we’ve known as home since birth, may seem unfamiliar on some rare occasions. The species of living things are so many that it’s still taking scientists decades to group them. We can as well say that nature has endowed us with gifts such as wildlife; with over a thousand species. As you read this, the wildlife is buzzing with diverse creatures of different kinds and sizes.

The interesting thing is that some of them are unaccounted for, or even deemed to be nonexistent. Maybe they were too shy, or wrongly pronounced extinct. It could also be their unique survival patterns. What comes to your mind when you see a strange animal? “Oh that’s a weird one”. Exactly. But the truth is they have always been around, maybe they didn’t get all the publicity team the lion king has got. But one amazing thing about them is their “weird” characteristics.

Throughout human history, weird animals have always fascinated every population, with legends and stories that are still told today. The man has always been fascinated by what he does not know, and fear is a powerful feeling, able to influence people. Fear originates in a person’s survival instinct (a reminder of the primitive age and updated with modern dangers) and prevents a person from performing stupid and dangerous actions that can lead to death.

Weird animals are an expression of man’s fear. They are fantastic animals or animals that nobody knew (such as kangaroos or gorillas) and that frightened generations of children. Today, thanks to our evolution and science we know that all these fantastic animals do not exist but it is always very nice to come back to children and still be afraid of these weird animals. We will also discover many weird animals that exist and have been found recently.

Weird Creatures

The world is full of weird creatures that have only recently been discovered or have not yet been discovered, along with legendary creatures that have populated legends around the world.

Here is one of the weirdest creatures that have only recently been discovered.

Thorny Devil

One of the strangest weird creatures in the world. The reptile lives in the barren expanses and the deserts of Australia. The body is broad and flat, of brown color with alternating brown-reddish and hazel-yellow longitudinal bands. The back and part of the head and tail are covered with long pointed spines, which give it the appearance of a cactus and protect it from any threat. Directly above the eyes is a pair of larger spines, while a further thorny protuberance is present behind the neck. Slow in its movements, the thorny devil feeds mainly on ants and can withstand even long fasts when the environmental conditions become particularly severe.

Strange Animals

The world is full of strange animals that seem to have been created by the imagination of some horror writer. They are animals that have adapted to the environment where they live, and this frightening aspect has allowed it to survive until today, efficiently defending itself from predators.

For us, they are strange animals, but these strange animals are the best proof of the theory of evolution, where it is stated that only creatures that adapt themselves correctly to the environment around them and changes can survive. Often these strange animals survive and not bigger and stronger animals.

Weird Animals

Here is another of the weirdest animals in the world.

Blob Fish

The prize of the ugliest animal in the world goes to the fish blob, a not very well known seafarer. Despite its undeniable sympathy and tenderness, no one looking at a fish blob could think of calling it beautiful. Nonetheless, it is an animal that, due to its lack of aesthetic prestige, intrigues us a lot and urges us to want to know more about it.

The body of the blobfish is not very flattened on the sides, with a slightly large head and semi-triangular shape, large eyes and a mouth pointing downwards (a feature that earned him the nickname of ‘sad-faced blobfish’). The fins are roundish in shape. Its consistency is gelatinous and sticky, almost gives the impression of a melted candle and now reduced to a shapeless heap.

The blobfish has no muscles. The body has a density slightly lower than that of water, which allows it to float above the bottom without making any effort, but only by being carried away by the current and the movements of the water, with a very minimal expenditure of energy.

Even the feeding of the blobfish is not a problem; it does not need to move to get food: it merely eat any good organic matter floats in front of it.

Real Weird Animals

These real weird animals are animals like any other, but their appearance is the result of years of evolution, and generally, they live in territories that are not inhabited massively by man, like the deserts or the depths of the ocean. It is no coincidence that many of these real weird animals are insects, reptiles or fish.

Crazy Animals

Here is one of the craziest animals in the world, the Japanese Giant Crabs.

The giant Japanese crab, also known as Japanese spider crab (Macrocheira kaempferi), is considered the largest living arthropod. Lives in the seas around Japan, this monstrous crab can reach 4 meters of extension and can weigh up to 19-20 kg. Only the claws can extend over 2.7 meters.

They usually walk with their long legs on the seabed in search of food. Being omnivorous they eat almost everything they find, including carrion, marine plants or other aquatic animals such as mollusks, squid, sponges, and contents of shells.

Japan’s giant crab is not an aggressive animal and usually does not attack if it is not attacked. It is caught to be consumed as food and is considered a delicacy in many areas of Japan. This animal can live up to 100 years; it is one of the craziest animals in the world.

Weird Animals Facts

There are many odd animals facts that can be told about these fantastic animal species.

For example, blobfish is used as a home for many parasites, or the Japanese giant crab was mistaken for an alien due to its size and physical appearance.

Odd Animals

The world is full of odd animals; this article is not enough to describe them all, especially because these strange creatures are discovered continuously primarily because of the exploration of the sea floor and the expansion of man in deserts.

We are sure that soon the explorers and scientists will announce the discovery of other weird animals that will update all the lists of the odd animals in the world.

Weirdest Animals in the World

 When you tune the TV to the NatGeo channel you may just think you’ve seen it all. The lions, bears, chimps, cheetahs and gazelles are just the paper cover figures for the wildlife magazine. But when you take a closer look there are many life forms that will leave you shocked. A few of these animals may seem cute to the eyes but some look very creepy and can make your skin crawl. There is just one beautiful thing that makes these weird animals unique, they are very rare animals.

For example:


The hagfish is a very cunning and yet creepy aquatic creature. When hungry the hagfish can get very desperate and nasty that it gets close to  another fish, and creates a passage for itself inside the fish by eating its way through. Hence the prey is eaten clean from the inside out.

The Yeti Crab

Officially tagged  the KiwaHirsuta it was only found in the South Pacific Ocean  in 2005. It has hairy pincers with powerful bacteria that can be used to detoxify the water in areas where it chooses to live.


Known to possess tarsus bones in their feet and  great eyes they are notorious for their creepy look. They are also revered for their acrobatics while catching birds in mid-air for food. An amazing part of their hunting is how they leap from tree to tree in ninja fashion.

Unique Animals

“Anything can happen” is an expression that keeps us always on alert. . Life never stops happening, so also the surprises that come from nature. We live everyday like  we’ve gotten enough, and “let’s just keep the wildlife from going extinct”. But, another strange-looking animal pops up from nowhere. Now that is another way to look at “unique”. Yes, anything can happen. Here is a list of some unique creatures that would thrill you:

The golden snub-nosed monkey or Rhinopithecus.

Because of its funny looking nose this monkey is covered with bright yellow hairs which radiate beauty every time it glides from tree to tree. When in groups they lit the tree tops with their glows. Thanks to the sun.

The Patagonian Mara

You need to see this creature. It would leave you wondering because it looks like an amazing cross result between a kangaroo and a hare.

Blue footed booby

The booby’s turquois feet never fail to attract your attention. And another weird part is that, they have very fascinating mating rituals.

Prickly bush viper:

Call them serpents or snakes, their sight isn’t much pleasure to behold. Well you may just feel more uncomfortable when you come face to face with the dragon-like snake. Its uniquely formed scales give it the guise of being shielded in a layer of feathers. That’s some unique trick. Snakes in a feather.

Some Cutest Weird Animals.

You know you may have to think it all through before you call someone weird. A lot of people get to act all sweet and then they are back to making surprising decisions. So what’s the offence at being all weird but still cute? None. Here are some animals that would make you feel that “being weird” is just sweet and cute.

  1. HispanolaSolenodon is seen on the isle of Hispanoia, classified under the venomous animals because when it comes to defence it employs its saliva which is already laced with venom. Amazing thing is that its own venom is also poisonous to its body.
  2. Mangalitsa Pig, also the ” pig in sheep’s clothing” Fitting for a perfect pet replacement for a  dog, the wooly pig was recorded in the 19th century. Unfortunately it didn’t get very lucky in becoming a common pet.
  1. Emperor tamarin is a rodent looking animal with a very long moustache.

Weird Animals Found

When you come in contact with these animals, you might find it difficult to accept that they even exist. Please believe your eyes. Because the truth is that they’re about as real as every other thing is. Prepare to expand your list,  and include some more creatures to  wildlife list. Here are some other names you may want to look out for:

Weird Animals Names

Pangolin, Blob fish, angora rabbit, fossa, lilac-breasted roller, glaucusatlanticus

Interesting Animals

Some of these animals may seem weird but the history surrounding them, and the patterns which they have adopted for survival may also interest you.

The Angora rabbit

Speculations and historic tales have generated different accounts on how French voyagers had discovered the extremely hairy rabbits in Angoran port of Turkey.


A jerboa may give you tough time in grouping it to a species. It’s going to look a bird, a newly born kangaroo or a mouse. Yes it’s quite complicated. But on a lighter note it is actually a mouse.

Rare Animals

Rare animals or species is a group of animals that are very uncommon, scarce, or infrequently encountered. Rare animals are very distinct from endangered animals or threatened animals.  Every day, animals around the planet are becoming rare and rarer.  And for each species that becomes rare, much more become and remain endangered.  Thanks to environmental pollution, global warming and poaching, many of the animals across the world are gradually making their way to the endangered list. Here are some of the rare animals in the world that need to be protected or they will be lost forever:

  • Pika (Ili pika) native to Tianshan mountain range, China.
  • Giant Otter, found only in South America, Giant otters, or Pteronurabrasiliensis.
  • Amur Leopard found only in the Amur River basin of eastern Russia.
  • The black-footed ferret is the only ferret native to North America.
  • Darwin’s Fox is found only in Chile in two places: the Nahuelbuta National Park and the island of Chiloè.
  • Sumatran Rhinoceros, living in isolated pockets of dense mountain forests in Malaysia, Indonesia and possibly Myanmar (Burma).
  • White-rumped vulture found in India
  • Pangolin found in Asia and Africa.

Weird Pets

Most people like keeping pets, whether at home or outdoors.  Cats and dogs are the regular pets we see every day.  However, there are some weird pets that are unusual and very rare to find around.  Apart from being rare to find, weird pets are expensive to keep.  Here are some really weird pets one can own:

  • Capybaras: Capybara is probably the larger version of a guinea pig.  They are world’s most giant rodents, exceeding 4 feet in length and 100 pounds in weight.  They are not allowed in all states and not a good option for families with small kids. They love a lot of spaces for exploration, also a pool or lake as they like water as well.
  • Pet Otters: Otters are usually referred to as “ferrets on crack,” and for a good reason. They will go through every inch of your home, finding and playing with (and probably destroying) everything they can get their paws on.  Otters love water, so it is best if you have a body of water nearby for them to frolic in, likewise plenty fish.
  • Pet Skunks: Smell is an obvious drawback why skunks have never really taken off as pets until recently.  However, when domesticated, skunks can have their scent glands removed while young hence making them safe for keeping.  Pet skunks are similar to a cat or a ferret.
  • .Other weird pets include Bearded Dragons and Axolotls.

Weird Looking Animals

Apart from insects, the world has about 1.75 million species of animals, and more are being discovered by the day.  Hence, it is difficult to make a close study of all species of animals, and that is why a large number of them becomes weird in appearance to us.  Here are some examples of weird looking animals:

  • Blobfish is the weirdest looking animal in the world. It has muscle less gelatinous like flesh; density is slightly less than that of water. They live on the coast of Australia and Tasmania, where the coast pressure is significantly higher than that of the sea level. Their main food includes mollusks, crabs, and lobsters.
  • Japanese Spider Crab is a weird looking animal named after the spider because of its spider-like appearance. Their legs reach up to a length of 3.8 meters and having weight up to kilograms. It is found on southern coasts of Japan. They eat both plants and small animals, also like to have dead animal parts.
  • Saiga Antelope is a weird looking animal found in hill areas of Russia and Kazakhstan. It is different from other species with its distinctive bulbous nose. During summer it makes the long-distance migration, and it is possible to see thousands of saiga antelope together at that time.
  • Other weird looking animals include Aye-Aye, Shoebill bird, Indian Purple Frog, and Red-lipped Batfish.

Weird Monkeys

Throughout the planet, there are over 260 different species in existence.  Hence there is never a shortage of weird monkeys. Apart from being weird, some of these primates are simply incredible.  Below are some examples of weird monkeys.

  • The Proboscis monkey, a weird, arboreal Old World monkey native to the island of Borneo. They’re an endangered species, with only about 1,000 known to exist.
  • The Gelada Baboon is an Old World monkey found in the highlands of Ethiopia. They live on rocky cliffs, descending to the grasslands to forage.
  • The Tarsier is a tiny insectivorous primate native to the rainforests of the Philippines, Sulawesi, Borneo, and Sumatra.
  • The Douc Langur is a small colobine Old World monkey found in Cambodia, China, Laos, and Vietnam.
  • The De Brazzas monkey is an Old World monkey native to the wetlands of central Africa.
  • Others include the Mustached Guenon, the Saki, the Orangutan and the Red Uakari Monkey.

Weird Sea Creatures

When the sea is being mentioned, most people probably imagine whales, dolphins, sharks, and other normal things. As you get deeper beneath the waves, however, the water gets darker, the temperature drops, and the creatures get more and weirder.  Some of the weirdest and most terrifying creatures on the planet lie beneath the surface of the waves.  Below are some weird sea creatures:

  • Goblin Shark has a prominent snout and retractable jaws, hence its physical characteristics are worthy of its name and reputation as a weird sea creature.
  • Fangtooth is quite a small weird sea creature and harmless to humans. Though it looks terrifying, fangtooth cannot cause any harm
  • Great swallower can engulf and digest things significantly larger than itself. It can consume prey over ten times its mass.
  • Others include Viperfish and Mega-mouth.

Weird Looking Australia Animals

The weird looking Australia animals most people are familiar with are the iconic kangaroo and koala.  However, there are even weirder looking Australian animals living in the Land Down Under.  Below are some of the weird looking Australia animals:

  • Sugar Gliders: Sugar gliders are fast becoming America’s new exotic pet favorites. They are small and very adorable and have a distinctive membrane stretching from its front to hind legs which allows them to glide from tree to tree.
  • Cassowaries are only found in the warmer climates of north Queensland, Australia. It is a big bird with a horn-like bit on the top of their head and VERY sharp claws.
  • Frilled neck lizard is undoubtedly a weird looking Australia animal. It is so unusual and quintessentially Australian, that popular children’s show Playschool, even created a song and dance for children about the iconic Aussie animal.
  • Other weird looking Australia animals include Dropbearand Tasmanian devil.

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